Wednesday, June 8, 2011

It's a jungle out there

I was already to write a rant about life, the economy, global warming or something along those line but then I went for a ride. Of course it only took a few minutes from me being in a stand on a soap box mood to this is awesome. Instead of the rant I'll tell you about the great wild animal world I witnessed as I attempted to ride the Big Chute loop. I say attempted because I was stonewalled 2/3rds of the way around. The stone wall comes by way of gravel, lots of it. Gravel where there used to be pavement. The good news will be the fresh asphalt to be laid but the crap side was the turn around at Severn Bridge. I wasn't feeling brave last night with only one tube and no idea how far they had torn up. I had a little agenda to my ride also.

Instead I got the out and back on one of the most enjoyable roads in the area. I saw many cute animals including turtles and raccoons, I witnessed two crows having a fight in mid air. Then there was the bugs. Does anyone have any idea how fast black flies are capable of flying? The size of a walnuts there was no way I wanted to stop and look around at the scenery, the swarm would be more than capable of picking me up bike and all, dragging me into the woods and having their way with me. A great ride in all, 3 hours, solid tempo workout in the mix, body felt good in the heat.

I've been asked if I'm racing this weekend, it's in the cards but at this point will be a game day decision. Less than 3 days and Shannon's and my place become one. Friday and Saturday will be spent loading and unloading We've moved a lot already but the big stuff is still left. unfortunately most of my friends are cyclist. They're weak and frail and can barely lift their bikes. I'm no better, luckily DeathMarch Liz has volunteered to help. The girls will move all the heavy stuff, I'll just organize and supervise??? Albion could have a large than normal attendance. Of course the weather is predicted to typical race weather, rain is predicted at this point. I could find myself putting in a long ride in instead of vomit pacing it.

Another heat wave today, loving it, body is adjusted. Unsure about the world cup tonight.

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