Sunday, June 12, 2011

moved, settled, time to pedal.

The move went well, it was still tiring but it's done. Now comes the fun of rearranging and unpacking. My body is feeling a little unimpressed with the grunt labour so I've opted out of the Ontario Cup race today to instead spend quailty time on the road bike. It's turning into an AWI training ride. Team director has set the route and the pace, I haven't ridden much more then a few hours since the 100 miler and the legs are craving some good miles with the 24 hour less than 2 weeks out. Training for the bigger cause.

Secondary note is that my left knee has been looking like shit the last few days. There are some pretty big bruises down the inside of the joint, pretty sure this was from the little crash I had a couple weeks ago during one of the World Cups of Hardwood. Things are a little irritated by it so top end stress is y not a great probably not a great idea at this time.

More coffee is needed, it's going to be a long day.

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