Friday, June 10, 2011

Let the fun begin

Gave my legs a rest day yesterday, I'm feeling I'm going to need it. It's part one of moving day. I'm not sure what will be easier. Loading or unloading. The pile is getting smaller but the articles seem to be getting larger. It's great that we haven't been rushed or pressured to do it all in one day. We still have a few more weeks to move what we don't put in the moving truck. It will be an entertaining weekend for sure.

Still not sure what Sunday will bring, The single speed is now newly tweaked with a big boy bar that should hopefully still fit through most of Ontario's single track. Should also hopefully give me a little more help on the climbs, hopefully. Will be seeing how the legs feel Saturday night, how early I'm up Sunday morning and how energetic the coffee makes me that morning.

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