Thursday, June 23, 2011

Eye on the prize

It's coming, it's happening fast. Time is running out. Spent most of the evening packing and cleaning bikes. Brake issues seem to be resolved. Both Anthem's are as tuned and ready to go as they possibly can be, so is the just in case bike. The singlespeed will be strapped to the roof and hopefully is stays there the whole weekend.

There are only a few reasons that is should come out, all are reasons that have been caused by catastrophic mechanical failures, twice, or Mother Nature going into that time of the month and deciding to go into some medieval type torture on the venue. She's done it in the past, she is a feisty woman. I'm prepared, even packed my shoes that have spikes in the toe, just in case. Mechanically everything is ready to go, lights are charged, toolbox is organized, clothing sorted. A few minor details are still to be finished but what this will leave is a very mellow Friday evening. Hopefully.

One of the other things on my planning list is the after race meal. I saw it, it came back at the right time, I missed it the first time, I'll probably never want one again but some how Sunday once all the excitement is done I want to hit KFC and get that talked about made by the devil sandwich called the doubledown. I need it, I must have it. I will have it with no guilt on calories. That is the light at the end of the tunnel, we must do well, I must race hard, We need to get on the podium so I can have my prize of the scariest chicken sandwich known to man. Is it worth dying for, deep fried chicken? Dam right it is!!!!!

Coffee time,

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