Friday, June 24, 2011

24 hours before the 24 hour

I know that it's technically longer than that but I'm not sitting here patiently or impatiently would be the better description. The excitement and nervousness is building, it's funny that it still happens to me, I've done this way to many times and yet I still get a little overwhelmed with what is about to happen. Everything is pretty much as ready as it's going to be. There are no attempts at getting a long training ride in, if I don't have it now it's not going to change in a day. So yesterday I opted for a spoon on the single speed along the rail trail. Was joined by Shannon who is loving her recently built SS. It was what the legs needed.

Race strategy is pretty much figured out, the Mighty Tristan, AWI Racing's President is going to do the lead out. In the craziness of 400 plus riders blasting through the start loop and putting all out effort hoping to go into the single track near the front of the swarm, T is the man. There is not many that can beat his starting power. Think back to a few previous races, the road race where he destroyed us all in the first lap, the weekly world cup where he nascar'd me so badly you thought he had a motor in his bike. If he repeats his performance from last year he came through in the top 5 on the first lap. Yep, the right decision. The rest of the plan is pretty simple, double laps, a potential of us each doing a triple at night, keep the pace high right from the start, have a shit load of fun. Pretty simple, we're simple, it's easier that way.

Gear, bikes are pretty, cleaned, lubed, and sealed. I always find it interesting the shapes that drying Stan's sealant make in the tires. Cleaned and another cup of the good stuff and the tires are now ninja star proof. Yet again not much else to do now but pack the car, shovel more food into my mouth and sleep. The usual Friday night prerace Guiness will be had, partly for carb loading, partly to subdue my nervous with a little alcohol to help me get another good night sleep. awww sleep, Of course there is no time to sleep when there is coffee to be drank. Gotta run. Check back after the weekend for the results, there will be lots to talk about.

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