Tuesday, June 7, 2011

A great plan got wrecked by the man

Dragging this morning after an evening of thrills, spills and weakened legs. One may have been caused by another as the MNS/AWI Racing meet up to do our thing. Those that raced the previous day showed their vulnerability as soon as the trail went vertical. Good ride with a lot of tire bumping which lead to a few of us eventually attempt circus style acrobatic over over random logs and rocks. No deaths, no injuries. Pretty sure everyone was slightly distracted with the plan of post ride ice cream. This is where things went horribly wrong.

Barrie is a city, not a huge city but a city for sure. Ice cream is a popular evening treat that is wanted during the summer. Who would have thought that a not to be named ice cream shop would close as early as they did on a Monday. When did this change? It was open last year when went post Monday ride. What changed? To say that the group was disappointed was an understatement. After a weak protest in front of the store with hopes they would reopen, just a couple swear words and some stomping of feet, 8 disgruntled cyclist really don't put up much of a threat, we reorganized and headed to the boobie prize ice cream shop that is known for their super size. Yes we were all disappointed.

Training resumes, some new exercises for my hands. Seems that they have way to much power and need some facial tearing and releasing. Yet another body part that needs work, the list is growing. I was much happier to get that answer for the cause of the numbness than something much worst. This can be fixed. Some quality time with the Chuck Norris bike will give them a break this week. It's been a while since I road and looked around. It could be a nice change.

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