Friday, June 3, 2011

2 wheels, 1 gear, 0 common sense

Stage is set, bike is now ready to go. It's funny how many times this bike has changed roles. Who would have thought that a small named bike companies carbon hard tail would have been capable of playing so many roles in its short life. 4 years ago I got a little deal with Blue, took advantage of it and ended up with the bike mentioned and a great cross bike. both have been beaten up, ridden hard, put away messy, been used and abused. So much that I may have a hard time selling either of them down the road. The xc carbon, it's official name has gone from main race bike to single speed, to winter bike, then back to a short course race bike and now has returned to it's permanent life. It does make a pretty good single speed.

Test ride with the final build was tested last night in the big back yard. I like the gear ratio I've set up. I found the 18 could get me up most things and most things in Copeland are steep. I know I'll loose a bit on those rare flat double track sections but I'll take my chances that I can spin my legs at 140 rpm. I found out the hard way that my tire choice was a failure. The feeling of sidewall flex and twist is such an interesting feel. The wheel was going one way, the tire the other. Retirement time for this set. Besides the small tire inconvenience the bike worked flawless. Climbed well, descended well, no problems with the chain setup and tensioner. My hands were finding things a little confusing though. Every hill they automatically started looking for the shifter. I'll be wishing for them by mid race, or the first hill. It should be another epic play day.

Weekend is almost upon us, lots to do. Coffee included.

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