Thursday, June 2, 2011

Deciding at speeds

Am I that easily swayed? Does it take so little to push me to a decision? It wasn't a life altering decision, it was a playing one. A solid ride on the Canada Cup course before the usual Wednesday night excitement made it a pretty easy one. I'm racing Sunday, I love the course. I like it enough that I wish I could get my big boy licence so I could race with the group that I should. This more because I'd like to do more laps. Not many race to say that but it's fun and flowy. It's also a course that I would much rather be on my Anthem. There is just enough rough stuff for you to crave the suspension. There isn't however enough climbing that I won't make myself hurt for 3 laps with one gear.

Lot's of momentum into the climb, great flow, lease climbing than in previous years. Roughly 550 feet of climbing per lap but it doesn't feel that bad. That didn't stop me from changing out the gear ratio on the SS. I'm guesstimating that 32-18 will be perfect for me, I'll give up the flats to make it up on the climbs having legs to rock the single track and downhill. Work your strengths, do every thing to bury your weakness.

Besides the thrills the course has on it, my body was yet my bigger concern. Will I have strength, will it last at intensity, are there still traces of bad things in there from the 100 miler. I'd have to say no. Except for the crash in the first section of single track, somehow I caught a pedal on a stump which felt that I was moving to quickly. It was one of those WTF just happen crash followed by watching a slow motion crash as Jer attempted to go around me. Luckily there was a bit of a gap over the next group, sorted out things and continued. Lost maybe 20 seconds with the circus act. After a second or two of regaining focus it was back on the gas with 3 riders ahead. The first guy in my sights was pretty easy to catch. It was the next that was the big problem.

Chasing down my teammate. I will give him credit, Tristan was rocking a single speed and when the trail got tight I was able to gain, pass then put time into him. One last rider ahead, one of those senior ex guys from Mountainview CC Tom is riding well this year, will be moving to Elite after the Canada Cup. I saw him, I pushed hard, he heard me, he pushed. There was a small gap that got filled in by a couple young riders as the trails merged. Not on the brakes but just a little slower than I would have been rolling. It's still awesome watching how fast some of these kids can roll the tech stuff. I guess being 4 foot nothing on a small bike with little fear becomes the perfect combo. Crossed the line about 10 seconds back. Feeling really good, better than I have in a while. This was the bigger influence in my decision.

Lot's to do between now and then, a bit more training, some more house rearranging, some more moving. The month of June is going to be a busy one. Lucky I'm not drinking decaf.

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