Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Feeling that craving

Life is returning to normal. The yawning constantly has almost come to an end. The craving to ride has also began to return. Every year I get older I forget a little more on how long it takes to recover from one of these. Did it hurt this much last year? Or the year before? Am I just getting a little softer with age? Am I starting into memory loss? The memory loss would explain why I seem to always go back, you forget. I'd ask Tristan on Monday if this is how he felt last year, pretty quick response with "Oh Ya" It's amazing how the mind shuts out the pain part when you talk about the race month later.

Things have been hectic the last few months, selling Shannon's house, moving, racing, training. It's looking like the pace will still be crazy busy, crazy busy is much slower than hectic. Hectic is on par with insane intensity. This means more downtime to recover, it might make some of these long races a little easier.

Since the craving to ride has returned I'm feeling that a wander into the basement will be the first order and give some love to the Anthem that helped get us on the podium. I've ran into a slight problem this year with the bike setup this year. Because of the size of my hands and my inability to wear gloves my infamous bar tape grips have a slight problem in the design. I somehow managed to unwrap the tape from the inside out and from the start of the wrap. I assume that doesn't make sense to you, in short, the bar tape kept coming lose on my right grip. This caused for some unusual hand positions once it started looking like a streamer. Ideas have come to mind, hopefully easily resolved. One of those need to be in the mood to screw around with it type tasks.

Time to start moving, pot of coffee to drink, the morning hydration task has begun. Check out the AWI Racing site, a couple updates and changes on there. MMMM Coffee.

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