Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Yet another day older

As I pour my cup of coffee this morning, look out the window at Bob the cat wondering what he may have killed today, I realized that I'm a year older. I don't feel any different, no more grey hair this morning than the ones I had yesterday which are cut, ripped or burned out. My body doesn't look any different, still that skinny body that seems to sometimes need a walker for assistance to move around, same as yesterday, same as last year. I question being any wiser all the time, with age it's supposed to happen, I am wiser about coffee, does that count? So pretty much the same thing as last year.

Now the only good thing with this, I'm one year closer to a different division. Not the special division, a change of age isn't needed to move here. I'll be kind and not smart ass the comment the single speeders out there. I'm more looking at true race divisions. I'll admit that it's tough going head to head with guys that I'm actually old enough to be there parent. The endurance categories are usually over 40 and under 40, minus the odd race with open classes. Sure they say with age that you have better endurance, yes this is true but with age also comes things like arthritis.

I'm not complaining, just comparing. I do admit that I do enjoy beating the younger guys, especially the ones that absolutely destroy me in a short race, but I am looking forward to that over 40 division. It won't be a cake walk by any means but the intensity seems to drop just a hair. Hell I'll be the young guy in the old division taking advantage of that and doing a beat down on 50 year old. Hmmm revenge is sweet. I'm a sick man. As I roll past the age of 38 I may start counting the days until that magical 40, like a kid counting down till his 16th birthday.

I forgot where I was going with this, I'll blame it on my old man memory. More coffee is needed, time for work

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