Sunday, May 8, 2011

Hoping it won't be a double breakfast day

It's that time, time to get the most bang for 5 bucks. I know it's going to hurt, there is a chance that I may leave my breakfast on the side of the road. I may be looking for a chunk of single track to recover on but it will still be fun. It's road race time, same thrill as last year only one step above. This year it's AWI Racing against the world. Ok we're starting a little smaller with three central Ontario clubs. Still I think that's part of the world, so technically it is the world we are taking on.

My expectations are high and low, high for the team low for me. I question my legs after a rest week filled of busyness and abusive physio have me questioning. I've also not done anything top end for that long yet this season. Yep, this is going to hurt. Being a self staging race with it going slowest to fastest and only the sandbaggers opting for the wrong group I'll be leaving in group 5(fastest) and hoping to hold on with the crew. We have beer in the list of post race activities which will hopefully motivate me. unfortunately our team kits didn't make it in time for us to sport some awesome gang colours.

There will be more thrills written about the day tomorrow and should be something up on the team site as well. For now it's getting some food in me that's easily brought up.

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