Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Return to sender, fixed

Rest, aww it's so needed now. It's been a long building session, from this point on it's pretty much maintaining what I've built. No more 5-6 hour rides unless it's with a number plate strapped to my bike. It will be nice to start racing, I'm getting a little anxious to actually see where my legs and fitness are at once I have a couple rest days into me. The first test will be this weekend, it's going to hurt, it won't be pretty, there may be vomit projectile vomiting. The first inner club road race is this weekend, it may be restricted to the three clubs but there is something evil thrown in the mix, AWI Racing will be there, hopefully flashing our colours like spandex clad gangsta's. Will it be me vomiting trying to hold on with my first real upper end test? Will it be other teams loosing their breakfast in fear of our cool colours? It will be a fun day regardless.

The timing of the recovery week couldn't be better, my wrist mounted computer has been sent for a recharge. I;'m wondering how long I will last before feeling some sense of withdrawal. Tonight will be the first right in 6 months where I haven't worn a strap, watched a number or spent time checking things over after the ride. Like anything the more complicated the toy the harder it is to fix yourself, I glanced at it, shook my head and sent it to Polar for the battery change. I like the thing and I know what my work world is like, I sent it to the people who know. It will be all about feel for the next little while, may be good for me.

I need coffee, or more rest. Coffee wins. It always wins.

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