Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Asking myself way to many questions

The last couple days have been interesting, I've been enjoying lots of food and fluids, resting plenty and above all analyzing what when wrong and how did I get to the point I did. I've had lots of input from others, some helpful, some not and the answers are still not fully clear. This isn't like it's my first ever race, it's not like I've ever felt like crap or knew something was off and pulled the plug. I've been doing this type of racing for a long time now, according to my results I'd say I'm pretty good at them and I know my body very very well. So what went wrong, what changed?

I'm pretty anal about keeping track of my training, race schedule, food intake, body weight etc. All of it was pretty much normal. Staring back a couple weeks though I'm wondering if this was something that started before the race, earlier in the week during my holidays. There were a few things done that probably not have been done, this is a normal thing for someone who is always trying to stay busy. I'll still be debating the different things for a while. During the race was also a little strange, all the normal symptoms to my future visit to the hospital weren't there. I've been beaten up by the heat more than once and I've pulled out of a race on more than one occasion for problems, I knew when things were not good and stopped. This was something strange, it snuck up on me showed it's face then went away again and repeated this over and over again. I won't get into the details, obviously I'm looking at whether my body changed with another year of age, I'll be watching things carefully.

Why do I consider this, my stomach is pretty special, it took away my love of cheese and ice cream just because it felt I shouldn't have it anymore without bad results. Could there be something else in my diet that I might need to alter or increase etc etc. It's still early in the year, lots of time to sort out the problems. I've also noticed that I'm no longer able to ride with gloves for prolonged times. It appears that my hands have grown beyond xl sized gloves. The perks of working in the trades, you grow hands that are large enough and powerful enough to crush an annoying persons head with little effort. Of course gripping onto a small handlebar grip is still uncomfortable so i still continue to have those slightly larger than average bar tape wrapped grips that everyone comments on. They work fantastic, even with out gloves.

I have been given a list of todo's from my physio, a fantastic visit last night ripping the legs apart. With recovery on my agenda for the next week or so some serious time spent ripping apart fascia tissue will be needed. Yet another answer in the many questions on why or what was the cause of my slightly disappointing results. A return to the bike tonight, some nice easy spinning to be done. More thrills and ramblings tomorrow.

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