Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Starting to prep

Holidays are flying by. Some easy riding, final prep on the Anthem has been done. Tonight brings a debut of a flashy team kit that has yet to be worn and the first ride of the bike with flames. Hopefully the combination of both will make me faster than I actually am. It's yet another world cup weekly race tonight. Should be good.

The countdown till Sunday draws closer. The 100 miler is closing in. It's interesting, I've lost count of how many 8 and 9 hour races I've done, I'm actually a little bit nervous about this one. It's the same but different. I usually ride that distance in an 8 hour with no problem, usually with more climbing that what is predicted for this one. Still it's different. There will be no lapped traffic, I'm actually excepting to ride alone for pretty much most of the race. This is the part that will be a strange challenge on the mental side of it. It will be a nice change not worrying about passing vast amounts of riders over the length of the race but on the other side of it, those riders in the distance are always great markers to chase down keeping the pace high. I've got my game plan, it's not much different than a normal 8 hour strategy. Some will chase, some won't. Will it work? Who knows.

Time for yet another bending stretching round.

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