Friday, May 27, 2011

Driving around the driving rain.

Yet again an evening of rained out recovery, downpours have helped kill the craving to ride. I want to but I just can't seem to bring myself to putting on ten layers of clothing, step out side, be soaked in 15 seconds, get on bike and be miserable. The trails are absolutely soaked, there is no hiding in the trees, the roads left little to be desired and that final option is just one that I don't want to even fathom at this point. It's summer, sort of, and use of the trainer or rollers in non snow covered months is questionably against the law. So the end result, more quality time in the padded room stretching my body back to some normal state. I don't suspect many others are doing much more than that either.

The recycled hardtail is pretty much ready to go, one component missing, to be picked up today. Will get out and ride the Canada Cup course next week once I'm back. Yes, road trip yet again. This time to the east, it may or may include a bike. It will include bike sized wheels. A trip to the Ottawa area to visit my now 2 month old niece and to drop off the first of many cool presents. I'm being nice and not bringing something that makes tons of noise, needs batteries, stains walls or just generally wreaks havoc in the house.. Not this time at least. Shannon has warned me that her and my sister have made some sort of arrangement about this type of thing. The little rug rat is getting spoiled, of course and will be rolling in style.

She'll be cruising in a Croozer. Thanks to the guys at the Bike Stop.

This thing is pretty cool, I'm pretty sure the Molly Monster was looking at it hoping I'd take her for a test ride. Hill repeats would be brought to a whole new level. Those will be resuming next week. The body is starting to come back around, I do believe that this is the longest I've been off the bike since last fall. It's much needed with a long season still ahead. What's good about it though, all that spare time has let me figure out all the reasons why the body went crazy on me last weekend. Now to be aware and not let it happen again.

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