Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Dealing with it

coffee, coffee, coffee. Need I say more????? The road to recovery is in my sites both physically and caffeinelly. Drinking twice as much as I normally do to make up for the loss last week and spending three times as much time stretching and getting the stupid pain in my ass, literally, under control. I've had problems in the past with peraformus, spelling? Its this tiny powerful muscle in your butt that can pull everything out of whack. Having the problem before is gear because you know the signs, of course curing the problem is not so quickly done. I could ask Dan to delay the race a couple weeks but Im feeling that the answer will be no so ill hold off on my request and just deal with the problem. Training is starting to trim back, holidays a almost here, quality time to recover will all hopefully lead to a great day on the bike when it matters most.

Some great weather is in the forecast, some riding to be done. I may even work on some tan lines.

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