Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Solving problems

This is my life, it's what I do for a living, I'm not that bad at it either. Well I recently had a problem that I didn't realize, actually I had two, one being a repeat from the past. I'll get to that one soon enough. Last week was busy, work and just life in general seemed to be moving at a million miles an hour, a pace I normally love but for some reason I just couldn't seem to keep up. Was it that I turned a little bit older and with an instant change in numbers you get slower? I doubted it but you never know, it felt very much like hitting the wall. I just kept motoring along but each day I felt more and more behind, of course this put me into a rather bad mood. Of course being in a bad mood when busy just creates a snowball affect. You know where this can lead.

Welcome Sunday morning, my wonderful girlfriend was nice enough to make me the breakfast that will fuel me through the road race. This also meant that she was making coffee. She asked a strange question, a question that I'm not used to hearing in my house. A question that put a stunned look on my face and a returning question "EXCUSE ME????" I needed to know if this was some sort of a crazy agenda that she may start sneaking in on me as we start to blend our two households together. You've all heard those stories, they've made comedy movies about those stories. What was this stunning question, "do you want regular coffee or decaf"

Decaf??? Are you crazy? Are you trying to change me? Would you like to see my body shake in convulsions? She was serious and showed me the bags of wonderful coffee. The previous week I attempted to break out of my normal kicking horse addiction and try another companies blend, a local Ontario mix. I thought I should help support the local economy. Well I'm tempted to send a letter stating a minor complaint in their labeling. In the top left corner was a small white dot with the word decaf in it. So small that my old age wasn't able to spot it when I bought the bag last week. Yes, that's right, I drank decaf for a week. You've heard what happens to any druggie when he can't get his fix. Exactly!!!!

Unlike my old favorite BC blender who would never ever mix up this type of thing let alone making two versions of the same blend coffee with only a small marking to tell the difference, I feel that I need to protest and set up a picket line in front of the Muskoka coffee company and warning others so they don't fall prey to the same fate that I had. It's for the safety of others I feel that I should do this, caffeine withdrawal is one thing, done without one knowing is another. It's dangerous, it's cruel, it's sadistic and it should be illegal. If I was in the US I could soon for pain and suffering. Instead I'll be Canadian and apologize for being grumpy last week as my body went into full on withdrawal. The guilty bag will be sacrificed in a public ceremony later this week for who ever would like to attend. It won't happen again, ever!!!

I won't get into the other problem this morning, it's on it's way to being fixed also. 2 weeks to have it cured, 2 weeks till the 100 miler, a mix of mileage over the next couple weeks. That's it I need to stop typing to spend quality time with that wonderful thing inside my mug. More thrills tomorrow, in a good mood.

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