Friday, May 6, 2011


I'm sometimes still absolutely amazed, I pulled into the parking lot on the north side of Copeland forest, sun was shinning, a nice temperature etc, etc and nothing. Not a single other car. I headed out with the dogs and for the next hour and a half, nothing. I road without the added stimulation of music, I need to do this from time to time just to remind myself how amazing the big backyard is. The only noise I heard, the dog's panting and the mechanical sounds of the bike. Silence, amazing.

As we rolled back to the car an hour and a half later, not seeing a single soul, we returned to yet a still empty parking lot. It's fun how there can always be such a huge hype about keeping things secret, some locals are anal about this. With the highest obesity levels ever and this continued greed to work and consume stuff so they keep up with their neighbours maybe we should be promoting these types of areas more, let these people see what they are missing.

I've been running the family business now for nearly 10 years, I'll be honest that if it wasn't for places like the big back yard and cycling in general I'd probably have had a nervous break down and a dozen ulcers. Cycling is an amazing stress relief and just being outside in the woods seems to clear the mind of all worries then bring things into clear focus. Mix that in with the deep breath of fresh air, it all equals balance. I know not everyone is capable of what some of us do but I guarantee that even at the minimal level there is more enjoyment, stimulation, and benefit from a 1 hour adventure in the woods than what any big screen tv can bring.

Get outside, get out of the city, come see what you're missing. Yes there is cell phone coverage in the woods in case you can't fully step away.

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