Monday, May 30, 2011

Larger than life, I hope.

A great trip to the east this past weekend. That evil Mother Nature seemed to be not so evil but managed to keep many travelers at home leaving open road for us on both days. Of course this meant trying to stay in a mature state with the SE-R on some amazing roads. Great visit with family and friends, this included the newest member of the family. Yes, the baby is cute. She does make a lot of noise and never stops moving though.

A break in the weather on Saturday gave me an opportunity for a few hours on the road. It's been a good solid break from training and the body was beginning to feel good but until you start to turn the pedals you just don't know where things are at. It actually felt a little uncomfortable the first couple km. The body felt stagnant. Uncooperative to do what it's so used to doing. Although I had the option of playing in Gatineau park, or one of the other many great trails in the area I opted to leave all forms of off road bikes at home. This ride was to be all about control, it's also been awhile since the Chuck Norris bike and I have spent some quality time together.

Rolled to the end of the driveway, pressed the button on the little yellow box on the bars and set a max number that I wanted to see during this adventure. There is to be no spikes, on sprints, no attacks, just endurance. No really idea where I was going, just random turns with the help of the phone's gps I found myself out on what ended up being almost a perfectly flat 60 km loop. It was almost strange only riding for 2 hours but this was a good return to training. The body felt good, wattage stayed steady the whole ride just shy of 200 watts. It was great to get the wind in the hair again. Of course things weren't perfect.

Seems that no matter where you go there is always a cock on the road. You can't avoid them, they usually do something that can cause you to bobble just a little on the bike. I'll admit that in the big back yard it's great because there is usually no traffic at all, I wasn't there though. I was out in Ottawa farm land and guess what, there were cocks on the road, huge ones. What shocked me though was these ones weren't driving a huge ass SUV. They were about the same size though, some where about 5 foot 2 and with a big man attitude.

Yep, I bobbled when I saw this. I wonder if this is a life sized statue of what this farm is selling? Is that a free run chicken? All organic? A great ride on new roads. Happy to be back on the bike. The countdown till the next vomit fest has started.

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