Thursday, May 26, 2011

Getting schooled by the dog

As life starts back to normal in my not so normal world I've found myself with way to much time on my hands. Training has not yet resumed, to say that I'm not all that upset that the weather is absolutely crappy isn't all that far off the mark. Now if I was out riding for anything more substantial than enough to soft the legs up to stretch I can guarantee that I would be pissed. It's actually working out well, my easy spin showed that the legs are still pretty cooked. I opted to not look at my power tap because it would probably give me another trip to the hospital, instead I just turned the legs and then returned to the padded room where Yoga instructor Molly showed her skills.

Ya that's exactly the reaction I had when I saw this too. I have a lot of work to get as much flexibility as that.

Back on the bike side of life, I've decided to retire the hard tail, not fully retired but just enough to change it's use. I'll admit that I love racing on dualies, 95 percent of the racing I do it's the bike of choice. I'd debated many times on selling the 4 year old cabin hard tail but for some reason they just are not in demand. For some reason people don't like buying a used carbon bike from a small manufacturer, so it's beginning to start it's new permanent life.

The stripping has begun, the rebirth of it's former self. Yep, it's going back to being a single speed. It's been one in the past for a short time, not really thought about just hacked together, this time I'm keeping it built up with some pretty bling gear. Still will be sporting an excessive amount of carbon for something that will be just for play. Now when I mean play, this means playing with others. I'm tentatively planning on racing the 2nd Canada Cup in the singlespeed division. This could lead to the odd Ontario cup races also. Since I opted out of committing to any of these back a couple months ago I turned down the thought of a UCI licence this year, to this point. So with just a generic licence all I can do is sport, which they would never let me into, let alone the ridicule I would receive from the crowds, or race singlespeed which is just this crazy mad mix of riders. This almost becomes open pro minus gears, you never know who is going to show up, there is no upgrade points needed, just put you cash on the table and go. . Good times to be had.

Quick rundown of the build up, or in this case build down, Blue xc carbon, Manitou carbon fork, RaceFace crank, carbon post, stem etc. Avid Elixer R brakes, WTB wheels. Tires to this point are still undecided. The original bike with XTR was 22 pounds, this should be just shy of 20 once done. Not the lightest bike out there but not that bad when I'm pushing it up a hill.

Back to the day to day, more coffee is needed, more bendy stretchy stuff to be done, more excitement tomorrow.

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