Sunday, October 28, 2007

Another busy weekend. Spent Saturday morning bottling wine. MMMMMM MMMM good. Need something to warm the inners after x-c skiing and out door winter rides. Did a 40 minute ride to do some setup on the hardtail. More on that in a bit. Of course it was still pouring rain. Went and say Into The Wild last night. Great movie, I've read the book and I think I'll read it again now that I have some visual effects to it.

Today was supposed to be a sunny day. Ya right. We did see the sun a couple times. Heather and I went to Tom's Forest for a couple hours of play time. This is my first time back on the mountain bike and in real single track since the crash. Things felt great. Now here is where the fun started. SNOW!!!!!!

This started about 15 minutes into our ride and stayed pretty steady for at least half an hour. I guess it is expected for this time of year. Tom's was in great shape and there have been alot of riders in there to set the trails. Even with all the leaves it was really easy to stay on the trail. Things were a bit slick but it was just great to be on the bike riping through the trees.

Molly and Dharma had a great time and got the exercise that they needed.

My legs felt pretty good considering the lack of training. We spent 1.5 hours out there and I had an average heart rate of 150bpm. My back didn't bother me at all. Even with bumps and twists which was my biggest concern. What does this mean? Means I will start training again in the next couple weeks. Still taking it easy but I'm just happy to be able to mountain bike again. I'm thinking that a couple night rides may be on the list. For now its time to relax and warm up. If you hadn't guessed with seeing snow it was chilly out, 4 degrees.

Rode the XC Carbon full review tomorrow.

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