Sunday, October 7, 2007

Friday night was pretty cool and it was hard for me to sit on the sidelines. The first Mountainview Race the Night was held. The name says it all. Racing at night. Just the concept was cool, except for 24 hour races when do you get to run your lights in a race.

Looking forward to it for next year, great way to end a race season. My fun was switching light systems around between riders as they finished. Had all my NiteHawk systems there and on loan. These are great systems and everyone who had a chance loved the led system. HID is great but cannot compare to the burn time and weight of the led. Gotta love 6 hour burn time out of a deck of card size battery while still pushing 30 watts. Awww and the cost is half of an HID.

So where is the body at? Rib is healing. I'm off the bad painkillers but still taking some advil. Back to work on Tuesday but will be taking things easy. I'm still very aware of it but its almost at that normal training type pain now. Upper body workouts will still be close to a month from now BUT the road bike is calling me for a recovery ride on the bike path. No hills, low heartrate. I think the idea of pimping out the OCR this year will now be a pay off. All that carbon will make things smooooth. I know I should be resting but this type of ride is not for the body but more for the mind.

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