Saturday, October 20, 2007

Its the weekend, its raining. Typical. So latest updates. Trinity A1 is not for sale anymore. I like it to much to get rid of it. I picked up my newest toy yesterday. This is the Blue CX6.5 cross bike.

Its still in the build stage as I type this but should be on in it in a couple days. Aluminum frame, carbon fork, full 105 components, easton wheels. My shifters won't be in till Wednesday. Its going to make winter training fun. I will have a full review of the bike once I get some miles on it. Yes I'm riding.

The rib is fine but the tendons on the left side of my back are taking their sweet ass time healing. I still cannot get up without rolling to my side. I haven't had a good crash in a couple years so I guess it was due. With the inactivity I'm amazed that I'm not fat. I have put on a couple pounds but not showing any rolls that shouldn't be there. November 1st is that start date to get back into the grove again.

There is a fun race in Mansfield on November 24th. This will be the first check on how things are healing. Its 40km and I will defiantly be only riding it not pushing for the front. I'm saying this now but things could change in a month. This is a cool event that could runs no matter what the weather conditions are. In November it could be anything including riding in 2 feet of snow. Hey why the hell not!!!!!! I could have one of my XC Carbons for this race which would be a bonus.

Time to roll

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Anonymous said...

Nice looking scoot!

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