Monday, October 15, 2007

One great long weekend. Toronto Fall Bike show was ok. Just one giant store. I really don't need any more gear and with all the bike changes happening over the next few months I'm pretty content on toys.

Speaking of bikes. I have a 2007 Giant Trinty A1 Tri/TT frame and fork for sale. It has less then 500km on it and looks cleaner than the day it came out of the box. I waxed it. Its a medium frame and will come with the carbon seatpost and headset. Brand new the frame is $1700. Asking $1350.

I spent Sunday out playing. Went for a 4 hour road ride with Heather and it was so amazing to be out on the bike again. Of course I had the best company. It was the first time all week that it hasn't poured rain so we took advantage of it. Of course its back to rain this week.

My legs felt pretty good and the knees are feeling awesome with no pain. Still clicking a bit. I know this rest has be great for them. The rib is healing and I can even get the heartrate up with next to no pain. Still won't be doing any cross races this fall though. I think that would be a little to aggressive even a month from now.

Tonight I'm going to do my 1 hour yoga routine to loosen things up. With the rest comes tightness. Will have some more updates on all the Blue Bikes later.

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