Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Rest Rest Rest equals Bored Bored Bored!!!!! So in between muscle spasm I'm sitting here twiddling my thumbs. I'm on some good drugs that do keep the pain within a tolerable level but not capable of doing much more than play on the computer and watch movies. So with this injury I've had a change to look back at this season. I won't be on the bike for a bit so I guess you could say it is the end of the riding season for me.

I'm already starting to look at the 2008 season. It will be another busy year. with up to four 24hour solo races, 3-4 eight hour events and a couple 50 kms. There is some new things brewing for sponsorships for next year. More to come on that. Georgian Cycle is again my number one sponsor. Dave has been great to me again this year.

This year I got a chance to meet some more great riders and ride some awesome courses. The biggest surprise for me was the Mountainview course. Thomas Wood has done a great job there and I will defiantly be keeping this race on my schedule for next season. I also teamed up with 2 great racers a different events. Rick Clancy put it all out an Summer Solstice and Hot August Nights. Went home with some hardware and beer. Brent Keen, who I've been coaching tortured me on the 10km run section of the Wye Adventure Race. Another 1st place finish.

The good, bad and ugly of the season. The good: sciatic nerve is under control, huge leaps in my fitness this season, stomach problems have been resolved. The bad: the knees got bad but found the root cause. The season is over early for me. The Ugly: The season ending broken rib.

Totals for the year: 5000km of mountain biking and road rides this year.
95000 meters of climbing.
180000 calories burned during training
150 bpm average for the whole season
207 max heartrate
1 mechanical failure during a race all season and that was
crossing the finish line on the last lap at Hot August Nights
1 broken rib

Well time for a nap.


Guppie said...

Dang dude, you just need to hang the bike up for the season, sounds like your pretty messed up. My next/last race is November 10, I am looking forward to taking a month off. much like you, although not the that extent, my body could use some RR. Take care of yourself.

Matt Spak said...

I know I know rest. Its just hard to sit still. I can't even enjoy a beer right now because of the pain killers I'm on. Maybe by the weekend. Thanks for the support. Good luck in your last race Guppie!!!

Anonymous said...

Dude your supposed to wash down the pain killers with beer!....Aren't you?....right??....but don't drive.
Outstanding work this season, you walked the talk baby, who can ask for more.
Hmmm... step to left..a little more...a little more...thats it, perfect,right in my crosshairs...:0)