Wednesday, October 31, 2007

It must be our Indian summer. The last couple days have been amazing. I was able to get out and play for an hour yesterday in the trails. With all the leaves down now a night ride is a little bit to sketchy so I'm limited on how late I can go. All in all it was great just riding. I picked up the pace and did a bit more climbing on the hardtail. I really do like the way the bike feels. It climbs amazing and its very quick handling in the tight switchbacks.

Someone left a comment saying Carbon Sucks and don't fall. You know what. I used to say the same thing. You know what, I've changed my mind. Look at how many carbon mountain bikes are out there now. No I'm not going to take this bike free riding on crazy stuff. That's not what its designed for. But for a 24 hour or 8 hour race course or most Ocup races for that matter this bike is more than capable. Yes there is always that fear that everyone brings up that carbon snaps. Ya well for one I'm not 220 pounds and 2nd that's what warranty is for. I was basically told that if I break this frame they will give me another with no problem.

Now if you go launching off a 5 foot drop off with this bike sure its probably going to break. It all comes down to riding the bike in its designed category. Would you take a standard road bike to a cyclocross race? It might get through the event but it would defiantly not be a great thing for the bike. So has my attitude on carbon changed. Most defiantly. I would have gotten a carbon hardtail for next year no matter what company I was riding for. As for the falling on big rocks. UMMM best answer. DON"T FALL!!!!!!

Alright, enough venting. Tonight was an hour of Rodney Yee's Yoga for Athletes. For those that have not tried yoga yet. What are you waiting for. The list of benefits is so long that I could only start it. More flexibility, better balance, better focus, better breathing. This is the video I use. For cyclist this is great because its alot of lower body poses which we need.

Or for those local people you could check out Dharma Yoga Wellness Centre.


Josh said...

I wouldn't agree that carbon sucks - that's an uneducated statement. There are different qualities of carbon construction, depending on the way it is laid down, but generally it's been around long enough that even the stuff coming out of China is very, very good - they've redined their processes.

People who say "carbon sucks...don't fall" don't understand that our xc bikes are make out of incredibly thin aluminum that dents if you even look at it wrong - my down tube feels like a tin can, so falling is never a good thing.

Carbon is a fantastic material, but like thin-walled aluminum, it has it's limitations. Aluminum will dent from the slightest impact and sometimes even shear off on xc bikes. Carbon is stronger, but unfortunately doesn't dent...unless it's punctured, it generally doesn't give any warning before it fails - it can't withstand much surface pressue, but it's incredibly strong along the length of the tube. For a frame, with the way the carbon is layered, you don't need to worry much about it shearing or failing unexpectedly...just look for punctures or hairline cracks in the finish, and that means carefully inspecting the finish after a crash. Either way, falling on the rocks on an xc bike is generally not good news, carbon or aluminum.

I've run a set of Easton carbon bars for about 4 complaints here, even with some crashes. However, carbon seatpost? Not a chance...too much torque from the interface. Carbon frame? Hell yeah, but I also understand that it won't be warrantied in a crash if it'smy fault. Failing due to manufacturing and failing from impact are two different warranty cases...companies as a rule never, ever warranty a crash in a race. It's in the fine print of every bike frame I've ever seen, so warrantee on a product that's been raced. That's a worry, but not a big one - the same goes for aluminum, so you take your chances. In the hands of a skilled rider, the odds are pretty good.

josh said...

That said...I would think you'd probably want to keep your NRS handy for 24hr races. The carbon hardtail is going to be a lot tougher on the back during enduro events, since the material will make it even stiffer than a traditional hardtail. Keeping the NRS for that type of racing is kind of a no-brainer, regardless of the extra weight.

Anonymous said...

holy defensive . . .

that comment just laid the ground work for a nice segway for a sponsorship shhhpeel.

carbon still sucks

Josh said...

Defensive? Not quite. I don't have a carbon bike. I'm just realistic about the value of modern construction methods. Materials like carbon are used because (in many cases) they work in a manner superior to other materials.

As far as a seqway for a sponsorship? Nice try, but not quite. I've been fortunate to have 15+ years of FULL sponsorship in the ski industry - I'm familiar with the game - so unless a bike comes to me without cost, I'm not interested. Current ski sponsor agreements allow me the opportunity to even purchase many brands of bikes below dealer cost - that's how I got my current MTB - but I still don't go getting a new bike every year. I like my ride. Besides...if it's not free, then it's just a discount, and at this time I'm not interested in paying for more gear that I don't need. I like what I have.

Nice try "anonymous", though your hypothesis is quite faulty. Carbon is indeed a fine material, and I'm not looking for a "sponsorship." I'm not good enough to deserve free bikes, and I'm happy enough with the very deep discounts already available to me (though I'd gladly pay more to support a good bike shop anyway).

Matt Spak said...

I really don't need a science lesson. I do know a little bit about carbon as do most people. If you have all this info start your own website

josh said...

Matt - you talking to me, or the anonymous guy bashing your new carbon bikes and leaving the 'carbon sucks'comments?