Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Awww the thrill of riding and kinda sorta training. Went for a 1.5 hour ride yesterday and it was awesome!!! Still not really ready to jump back on the mountain bike. I kept the ride at a sane pace just bellow 30km/h average and heart rate average of 140. It just felt great.

Now I did bring on some pain and went to Heathers Yoga class. This was a great test to see where m back and rib are at. The rib doesn't hurt at all but some of the roll down moves were almost impossible. Its still going to be a few more weeks before the tendons are recovered. At least I'm not afraid to sneeze anymore. It was also a good test to see where the rest of my body was in recovery. The knees didn't feel to bad but I could see the weakness in the stabilizers. Let me rephrase that. I could feel it. I thought I had good balance but Heather sent me through a couple poses that opened up the imbalances. This will be the focus come November. Will be doing my favorite thing. Weights!!! Boring but necessary.

Overall I'm just happy to be doing some sort of activity again. I was a bit sore his morning but I'm still having issues with sleeping positions. A buddy of mine has been doing a competition on bruises the last couple days. Check out Big Ring's site. Honestly I think I would rather have some of those bruises because you can at least see some damage.

I pick up the Blue CX6.5 on Friday. It will need to be built but I'm getting a little excited. I'll take some pics of the buildup. The thoughts of doing a cross this season have been on my mind but I keep smacking them out of it. Would be stupid.

SO there is a small buildup of excitement of a possible multi day stage race to be held here in Ontario next year. There is a bit of info floating that it Chico Racing will run it and it would make sense for them to not have it conflict with
either of the 24 hour races. I haven't put my race schedule completely etched in stone yet but this is the type of race that I would love to do. The longer the better. Lets see what the boys from Chico Racing come up with. I'll have my 2008 race schedule layed out soon.

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