Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Snap, crackle pop is what my body is doing right now. I'm starting to get some flexibility back and with that comes alot of realignment of bones. Its nice being able to twist again with out cringing and I'm able to sleep on my side again which will be help my rest. No riding till the weekend.

Now all you endurance racers this will catch your attention. If you are looking for a coach that can help you reach your potential you need to continue reading. Heather is not one of those coaches that sits on the sidelines. She has been there including winning a 24 Hour of Adrenaline solo race. She has also coached a racer go to the 24 Hour World Solo Championships this past summer. She knows what it takes to compete in endurance mountain bike races and can design a program that will work with your lifestyle. If you are looking at pushing your riding to the next level get in touch with her at the link below.

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