Saturday, October 13, 2007

Will the rain ever stop? Its be one full week since I've been on the bike. This is the longest I've been on the bike. Kinda nice. Well not really. I'm off to the Toronto Fall Bike Show. Its more just a big year end sale for all the dealers.

So here are a few pics of a couple of my new rides for 2008. I have a Blue CX6.5 being built next week to my specs. This is an aluminum Cyclocross bike and my new winter and early season wheels. The Icebreaker and Paris-Ancaster are going to be awesome with this bike underneath me.

The tcx was cancelled and I will have a couple Giant frames for sale including the Trinty A1 TT. More on that later.

This is basically what my 2008 race bikes are going to look at. This is the XC CARBON. This is the buildup for InterBike. Mine will be a little different. I'll be running Mavic and Sram for sure. When the build up is done it should be around the 20 pound mark.

I'll get some more info up on all the bikes in the next couple days. Off to play.

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