Monday, October 22, 2007

The only thing that let you know it was a fall day were the amazing colours of the leaves. Sunday was amazing weather. Not your typical cool fall day. It hit 24 degrees Celsius. Some new temperature records set in the area and I was out playing in it.

Started out with an easy ride with Molly. She needed a good run so grabbed my backup mountain bike. My race NRS has been in the shop until today with no time line for repairs. Yesterday ride was the closest thing to trail riding that I've done since the crash on September 29th.

Molly st 23 km/h. A little to much energy?

At the mid way point. 10km later we were back home with her being much calmer. Total of just under 20km. I will be able to do some real trail riding soon. The back was not to bad, only a few bumps bothered it. Crazy rocky technical stuff is defiantly waiting till next year.

Got changed and loaded the car up with the road bike to meet up with Heather for a few hours on the road. Her town, her route.

Heading north towards the Trent Severn waterway and Lock 42. What a nice route. Some good rolling hills and some great scenery. The bigger bonus was the complete lack of traffic on this route.

The views were awesome

Finished up with a this cool section of bike path.

The total for the day was 3.5 hours of riding with low heart rate average. 117 with the dog and 126 with Heather. My knees were a bit achy but I know that was a combination of the yard work the day before and still not being able to sleep in a good restful position for them. Soon!!! Now I will say that I am feeling a bit weak on the mountain bike. I don't feel like I have alot of power and even the technical feel was down with the minor bit of single track. I guess 3.5 weeks of doing next to nothing will do that to you.

Spent the rest of the day relaxing in the sun and just enjoying life. We are having another warm day today and I'm on the back deck typing this wearing shorts and a t-shirt. They are calling for frost this week so might as well enjoy it while I can.

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