Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Feeling like an old man

Ya thats how the legs and back felt this morning. 2 days of steady work on the deck along with regular training took a toll on the body. I skipped time trails tonight. I did pick up my road bike though. Unfortunatly Dave didnt get the new front end on before he broke his collarbone. We'll wait it out till he is healed for that upgrade.

Its the lowest end bike I have and its my favorite. No carbon (for now) and its not all that light at around 18.5 pounds. But its smooth. It was originally a Giant OCR2 and my first start with a Giant bike. The only original part on it is the frame and fork. Full Ultegra, Mavic Aksium race wheels and only a front brake. Why might you ask. The short of it was the rear brake cable broke at the end of the season last year so I took the brake off and have never thought about fixing it. The hills here are not long enough to need both brakes and I've so far never needed both.

So back to the ride. Its back to endurance miles for this week but because of the back I shortened up the ride to make time for yoga. 45km 1 hour 31 mins average HR 137. Did mix in some hills though with a runup Hwy 93 and also the Old Fort Road. From there is was into the long routine of an hour of yoga. I'm feeling a lot better now. They are calling for rain tomorrow. HMMMMM I've heard this before. I'm skipping the weekly mtb series also for a 2-2.5 hour road ride instead. Next week will be back to interval training.


jodi said...

No rear brake? That's soooooo unsafe. Brake cables cost $2, take 2 minutes to replace - even I change my own. Don't be a cheapskate! My bf used to ride with one brake, but found out he was breaking the law. A bike on the road needs to have 2 brakes.

p.s. interesting blog. I saw your link on a friends page

aham23 said...

crazy how household duties can mess with a back. recover quick. later.

jodi said...

Been reading your blog, interesting. Do u do tri's? Wondering why your blog is on a friends list, he doesnt mountin bike.

Matt Spak said...

I don't do tri's but do train with the local tri club. So yes I run, time trial etc. but as for swimming, thats from one side of the hot tub to the other.