Wednesday, July 4, 2007

The power of yoga

Woke up this morning feeling 500% better. Why, because of the hour of yoga after my ride. Does it work, dam right it does. Because of the time most of us spend on the bike, running etc recovery is almost more important than the training itself. Active recovery is even better. I've had some serious problems with my SI nerve along with low back pain. My fantastic sister who is also a runner/cyclist along with an R.M.T. loaned me the cure a couple years ago.

Yoga Conditioning for Athletes with Rodney Yee is awesome. Gaiam is the distributor. Another one I use is Yoga Complete for Athletes. Its by bodywisdom media. Coming from a guy that couldn't even come close to touching his toes a year and a half ago to putting hands flat on the floor now, it works. It also clears your mind and can help remove stress. At least for a short time.

On a second note, it's raining out. Finally. It hasn't rained in over a month and the trails are hurting. It may be a session on the rollers tonight depending on the intensity of the rain. Off to work. Dam job gets in the way of training but when you're the owner you can't fire yourself to often.

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