Sunday, July 8, 2007

Had a fun time yesterday backing down the pace and riding with my sister. Tempatures were great and the sun kept hiding behind the clouds. It was a total of 4 hours on the bike. I know less than planned but you can't always control the day. I was dragging in the morning and didnnt get out on the bike till 11 am.

We did the big chute loop which is an awesome ride. Lots of rolling hills with great scenery and cool winding roads. We kept the pace down a bit so we could chat alot. Jenn road really well and only went in the draft when the wind was nuts or when we were forced to go single on the highway.

Coming in to Waubaushene we came across these guys out for an adventure.

From there it was a bit of work on the deck and then watching the tour on the big screen in the backyard. I'm almost done which means back to 100 percent focus on for the 24 hours of Hot August Nights. The next couple weeks will be pretty tough on the body. I have the Hardwood 8 hour on the 21 and then the following weekend the MountainView 9 hour.

Time to play on the mountain bike for a few hours. It finally rained this morning and I'm hoping it will continue. The trails really need it.

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