Wednesday, July 4, 2007

up past my bedtime

Had a great day today. Work, well work is work. I love my job/company. Hell if I didn't I wouldnt own it. Got home and pulled the road bike off the wall for a couple hours of play time. That changed in about 3 seconds when all i heard was pop and some metal rattle. Popped a spoke. Now this isnt a big deal but turned that way. 1st they are bladed and a low spoke count wheel. 2nd I didnn't have any spare spokes for this wheel set. Ya I know dumb but havnt had a problem with them.

Well a quick call to Georgain Cycle and Davce said he had some in stock. Switched up to the TT bike and I was off. With the delays and plans for later this evening I had to cut things down to an 1.5 hour ride tonight. Yep real world life and training can sometimes conflict. Either way it was a good ride.

From there it was eat clean up and stretch before a trip over to my buddy Marlons. I'm helping him put in a garage door next week so it was a once over on materal needed. Marlon is helping with some cool promo stuff for me. I'm good with my hands mechanically, he is good on the computer with graphic design.

After the setup we ventured over to a local pub where a buddy of his was playing. Hey nothing beats live music and a good beer. So it was a bit lax on the training tonight but it was one of those nights I needed. All work and no play. Well it sucks!!!!