Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Getting closer

So I woke up this morning feeling a bit strange. I was starving for some strange reason. I weighed myself like usual in the morning. I'm not a total freak about my weight but I do monitor it before a race. I was down 3 pounds from normal. Kinda freaked me but just conitnued on with my morning till I got a little dizzy spell. This was just after breakfast and my stomach went nuts screaming feed me.

I ate all morning and things felt better. Went out for a mellow road ride tonight. 1:13 at just over a 30 km average. heartrate was kept down to a 145 average. Just enough to keep the legs working and feeling fresh. I'm going to be packing back the food tonight with some chicken lasagna. I've had this happen to me once before at that spring 8 hour so I'm not in panic mood about the weight change as long as it returns to normal. My legs did feel good and mixed in a couple quick burst on a couple short hills hitting 180bpm a couple times. Tommorow will be another rest day but will still do an hour of yoga.

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