Monday, July 16, 2007

I wonder who get more excited about riding. Molly or me. Trying to keep her from driving me crazy as I was getting gear packed up and eating breakfast can be a bit trying some mornings. It had rained again overnight so I was expecting lots of mud. I was quite surprised to find the trails dry. Now all the leaves on the trees were another story.

Having the extra rest time and short riders the last couple days the legs felt awesome. Like usually it takes me a little bit to warm up but it was a fast ride. I'm getting a bit anxious for the 8 hour now. Now about the only tough part yesterday was riding on the wet roots and rocks. Its been extremely dry with next to no rain the last 2 months that I almost forgot how to ride over slippery logs.
I litterly did the splits going over one log bridge as the bike came out from under me. I didn't help that I am still running the Michelin XCR drys. They are a great fast tire but I'm still not sure what I'm going to run for the Hardwood race. They have called for a couple more days of rain this week then clearing for the event.

On another note the MountainView Cycling Club race kits are finally in. I haven't picked mine up yet but they are looking good. Helping promote the local club is important for this area. The club is growing but its still a very very small number of active people in are area.

Unfortunately this area has a very high precentage inactive people. Being healthy and in shape you are definatly a minority around here. I don't think I could handle myself having a belly and being out of breathe climbing a flight of stairs. I think the scary part of it is when you see out of shape children. If the are like that now what will happen in 10 years. Put the Playstation down and play outside!!!!

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