Tuesday, July 17, 2007

snap, crackle, pop

Awww the sounds that my body make. Last night was the no bike night. Did my favorite hour yoga routine and those are the noises my body makes as muscles stretch and joints pop back in line. Feels great. 4 days and countinng till the Hardwood 8 hour. I'm getting a bit anxious now.

Right now the weather is looking prefect for the race. Sunny skys and 22 degrees. Dam. I wanted for cold or extreme heat. Sorry but I wanted to make people suffer. I love the crappy conditions. The only downfall with some of the 8 hours is no access to see who is racing. I'm pretty sure Jeff Shikaze will not be there since him and his brother are off to Trans Rockies in a couple weeks. There are a couple local short course racers that are very fast BUT I've seen these guys go down after about 4 hours. This all comes back to racing your own race and I will have to keep yelling at myself not to try and chase them down in the first couple hours.

I'm going to be spoiled in my pits this race as my aunt will be in town and wants to come to an 8 hour event with Mom. Its sometimes great having your Mom as support crew because you just cant tell your Mom to F off when your tired. You just keep going. Maybe thats why Tinker has his Mom in the pits. My aunt who is a big part of our 24 hour support crew has wanted to check out the fast pace of an hour so I have to put up a good result. Hopefully thats on the podium. Legs feel great, gear is ready, the course is, well not my favorite but not to bad.

Now next weekends 9 hour is a different story

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