Friday, July 27, 2007

Gotta love the tour. Its not even worth complaining about and as for picking a favorite to win. The boys in the club always have a bit of a betting pool on the winner. I don't thinmk there is a single pick still in the tour. Maybe next year we will bet on who will get caught and who doesn't.

Things are flipped around again for this weekends race. I'll be doing the Mountainview 9 hour solo. Rick's timing will be off with his work and I had always planned on doing the hometown event solo. I was up at the venue last night for the weekly series. It should be a tough race. I got out on the road bike for an hour last night just to get the legs firing and they felt surprisingly strong. A little fiesty.

The Mountainview course is a tough one with a grindy climb right out of the start with the first few k's technical single track. Plan is to take the first 2 laps a bit slower to find the flow of the course then pick up the pace. They have called for a chance of rain today and tomorrow. Could make things interesting.

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