Monday, July 2, 2007

Canada Day

Have you seen this guy before?

These guys had. Slimer has been on the back of my helmet for a couple years now. I even have him light up at night.

Was down at Tom's forest for my usual Sunday morning ride and hooked up with these guys. Its a small world, one of them rides with the Misfit Psycles crowd and new a friend of mine that does the same. It was there first time playing in Tom's so we crused over to the 7th line grid. The guys ride pretty quick for being on single speeds, I was really impressed on how fast these guys to climb having to muscle one gear. I'm a wimp I like shifting!!!

Unfortunatly for me my tour guide skills were off and I routed us on to the same trail section twice. I'm still learning which trail link goes where on this side myself. They were runnnig low on fluids so showed them the trail out and proceded with my own ride. Of course I now find the trail head I wanted to show them. They told me about a cool trail system near Bolton which I will definatly have to put on the agenda this summer.

Molly and I crossed over to the other grid. This section has very fast rolling singletrack. Awww my favorite. An hour later we were back at the car. 2 hours in the trails was a great warm up. Molly wasn't as energetic as I was so it was back to the house. Not without some pay offs first.

I'd say she felt a bit better after her swim.

This was my treat.

Got home swapped out the bikes and went for another hour on the TT bike. I'll have to get over to Georgian Cycle on Tuesday to see whats up with my road bike. I do miss it. I heard that Dave had broke his collar bone again. The poor guy. I'll get the run down from him then.

So just over 3 hours on the bike Sunday. Of course I kepts motoring and worked on the deck in the backyard. I think this was the more abusive to the body than all the riding. Its almost done so I'll have lots of down time after it. Awww and the hot tub will help.


Anonymous said...

Tom here [guy with white Surly singlespeed], thanks for posting those and showing us around yesterday! Those trails are a ton of fun.

Matt Spak said...

Hey Tom, Great riding with you guys. Next time your in the area give me a buzz. Glad you like the trails