Sunday, July 8, 2007

The weekend just seems to short. Got out for a short ride on the mountain bike this morning but with other commitments training kinda got bumped to the back seat this weekend. It is the start of a recovery week so I'm far from panicing. It finally rained today and the trails were actually a bit slick in places. We still need alot more rain though.

So with not much to talk about on the training aspect I figured I would give a little hype to my tag team partner. He does deserve it. Rick is someone to never ever count out as a threat. We have all said that if he was able to drop another 20 pounds non of us could touch him in a short race. Short race I mean 8 hour or 12 hour. He stays totally stead though any race. He is not a guy that you would look at though and think he is fast. Hell when we finished 3rd in 05 it looked like he just ate one of the racers compared to everyone else on the stage. I felt really bad this year when I was curled up puking because Rick was smoking his laps and we were on track for a podium finish again. Rick was really good about it though. I think he was a bit disappointed when I told him I still wanted to solo Hot August Nights instead of getting revenge at the tag team. Ya he likes going on to the podium also.

So who is Rick Clancy. He is an adventure racer, runner, cyclist and my sister's boyfriend. We curse and swear at each other steady and are always trash talking each other but when it comes down tot the business of racing we just work well together. Awww he treats my sister good which is the other important part of it. Now I will say that it will be fun kicking his ass at Hot August Nights. I've yet to beat him. The first time was Hot August Nights 2004 and he just muscled through. It was my first 24 solo and I learned alot. Last year at Solsitce I was on and a major threat expcpet for the 2 weeks of flu I had before the race. Ya I didn't get past 7 hours and lost 12 pounds of weight in that time. Rick just pushed on through like usual.

Alright my dinner is ready and its another night of the tour de france.

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