Thursday, July 19, 2007

Feeling a little relieved as the weight is coming back on. Been eating and carb loading the last 2 days. Trying to fatten me up you could say. I'm still down almost 2 pounds but I'm hoping things will be normal by Saturday morning. The plan tonight is to preride the MountainView 9 hour course tonight. It will be ridden at a very sane pace. They hold their weekly series tonight and are using the 9 hour course for the race tonight.

I'll ride in the slowest least amount of laps race. As much as I can show constraint it will be all my friends that are racing in the elite catagory and I don't want to get into a bike battle with the Hardwood 8 hour 2 days away. They have called for rain this afternoon so that means the race rig is staying on the stand and I'll play on the backup NRS. I'm still having some issues with the rear wheel on the NRS1 but with Dave out of commision right now I won't have time to play with it till after the Hardwood race.

Will update on the course tonight.

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