Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Its Coming Its Coming!!!!

Yep a long weekend is coming and I'm getting a bit impatient. No major training plans just sit back hang out and relax. I'm in Ottawa this weekend. Jen and Rick get the new house and will need a bit of help with the final moving. At least the got movers for the grunt of it. They have way to much stuff. I'm hoping my cat obsessed buddy will be around to get out for a ride with Rick and I. Off to work.


Craig said...

I'll have to take you two pussies out to SMH for a technical ride!

Matt Spak said...

I'll try and ride slow enough so you and Rick can keep up

Craig said...


Make sure you bring the mtn bike and some tires for technical riding! I'll make sure and wait for you at the end of the trail!