Saturday, July 7, 2007

Its going to be a busy weekend for this fella. My sister showed up at Mom's mid afternoon yesterday and we headed out to the concert around 6. Mariposa is a huge outdoor music festival that last the weekend. We were more interested in Hawksley Workman. Did some wandering around and heard some great bands while waiting for the finally. Serena Ryder was definatly a highlight. One hell of an amazing voice.

It was just before 10 pm when Hawksley came out. Now the coolest part of all this with an outdoor festival was seating. We were about 15 feet from the satge and everyone pretty stayed seated for the first 3/4 of the performance. It was awesome. As they came closer to wrapping up the songs got a bit faster in pace and everyone was up singing and dancing. It was definatly worth staying up past my bedtime. Rolled in around midnight. I was draggin my butt a bit this morning. No club ride for me.

No I'm not dogging it today. I'll be on the bike shortly for an hour plus ride before Jenn and I head out for the big chute loop. Should be about a 6 hour ride total for me.

Now the next fun thing is its those wonderfull 21 days of July. Yep the Tour is starting. Hardest time of the summer to train when I want to be sitting infront of the tube watching. I have to get an audio/video feed out to the backyard this afternoon to watch things on the big screen. It may also mean a couple sessions on the rollers!!! Coffee is kicking in so time to start moving. More later.

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