Thursday, July 5, 2007

off his meds

K, I ran out of Glucosamine a couple days ago and I can't beleive how my knees feel. I need my drugs!!!! Well the dumbass that forgot to buy more the last grocery store run is to blame. Oh wait thats me. Actually the whole body is a bit tired but I'm coming into a recovery week. The line that you get slower before you get faster hopefully comes true like it has in the past. I can feel that its rest time when I can't get my heartrate up. Its funny that i still rode in the low 30
s average on a crappy paved climbing route and I only had an average heartrate of 130. Hell my happy place in in the mid 170s and race pace is in the 180-185 range. It was 2:15 total 700 meters of climbing. Vasey line has got the best super glue pavement around and that nice west head wind always makes it a little harder.

So its going to be a cool weekend. My sister will be down and were hitting the Maraposa music festival on friday night. Hawksley Workman is playing which for us is the main draw. Jenn is bringing her road bike and we are planning the big chute loop. It will be abit more of a relaxing ride with her so my plan is to get out for an 1.5 to 2 hours before we head out. This will give me a 6-6.5 hour total.

Unfortunatly Rick couldnt make it down. For some reason Craig wants his bathroom finished. Its that time management thing Craig, keep him off the shitter!!!! Picked up what is hopefully the last of the lumber needed for the backyard. Will be nice to have that done.

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