Sunday, July 29, 2007

Mountainview 9 hour part 2

So as I mentioned earlier that this was a great race. This was the best course I've ridden. The flow was awesome!!!! Mountainview is a small ski hill in Midland Ontario and the guy responsible for all of this is Thomas Wood. He started a weekly race series 5 years ago and its continued to grow every year along with his trail system.

Its been a whille since I've really ridden up there but man was I ever surprised at the course. The first km is through the ski hill face with a couple short single track sections before head in the bush. This is where the fun begins. tons of switchback single track slowly weaving its way up the hill. Even the grindy uphills of the riverbed had a rythem to it. Thomas has also mixed in a couple stepup rocks into his course just to keep you on your toes. Once on top of the hill the awesome flow continues.

From there was a nice double track section across the farm field. Great area for a stretch or to lay the hammer down. Now with all the climbing in the beginning of the course comes the major treats. Going back down. The trail is awesome with quick hard turns and berms. Feels like a downhill course and puts this big smile on your face. From there its into a fast double track section followed by more single track. This course is about 85 percent single track. Most solo events that I've ridden have been 65-75 percent single track.

This is the third year for this event and I can see it growing in numbers. Every lap has 300 meters of climbing which is all single track. For solo racers there are a few sections to recover on and get in a stretch or two with out lossing moumentum. The techincal level will challenge the top riders without making it to hard for newer racers.

The other trail systems are awesome and will only continue to grow. This is definatly an event to keep on your calander for next year. This is not a easy road ride course. You have to work hard here but the pay offs are worth it.

This fall Thomas will be running a night race which should be awesome. I have a link to the right to his website. Come out and play when it gets dark.

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