Monday, July 23, 2007

Race Season changes

I kinda had this in the plans. I'm changing a few of my races for the season. Talking to Rick last night I asked what he wanted to do for Hot August Nights. Let's Tag It. I know he wants revenge and we lost out on the podium because of my stomach issues. Wait I want some revenge also. So that means no 24 solos for this summer.

Now with that race being switched around we have also decided to use the MountainView 9 hour as a warm up. It won't be a cake walk because its a pretty tough course but I'm hoping Rick and I can win this event and will be a great base for Hot August Nights.

Rick has the bonus of holidays this week so will be getting some big training in. Me, I won't be doing much more than stretching, yoga, and getting a massage. Am I disappointed that I'm not doing the solo in August? Yes and no. I was looking forward to it but this will also make it possible for me to do the Provincial Time Trial Championships. The other nice things is the fact that I can back off on the training a hair. Oh did I mention that I love the tag team 24's more than solos. For anyone thinking that tag is easy. Think of doing your short hard race full out. Now do that 12 times with no sleep.