Thursday, April 16, 2009

Delayed for good reason

It's not that my ride was delayed at all yesterday. Did the Big Chute Loop with some very long intervals. I guess with the O-Cup coming up quick Heather wants to make sure I can keep my lunch down while going full out. My legs are feeling it today.

So why was there a delay. Because I needed it to be dark for me to play. This is the official unofficial Exposure Lights Review. It's not the official one since I want to get out on the trails with them. After what I have seen I could have a few sleepless nights and draggy days.

My new toys showed up early enough that during my ride I tried really hard to get a 2.5 hour ride in less time. For some reason I'm still unable to ride at the speed of light. Awww Lights. See how I worked that.

I love the fact that all systems come in a very safe packaging. For me the obsessive compulsive type on keeping my stuff organized this works great for me.

I pulled out my lights from the last two years to use as a comparison. Grams, Lumens etc, I'm a former street racer and the words, "what'll it do" is the important part.

I've used LED fora few years, I love the fact that it I crash I have a very slim chance of blowing the bulb and burn times have been huge in comparison to anything else. My old system is on the left. Size wise the MAXX D is small. Especially when you consider that it has an integrated battery with 3 hours of burn time.

Now stick the Joystick beside the Maxx D. Wow. The Joystick is so light that I didn't even realize I was holding it. One complaint I have had with any system I have used in a 24 our race was that after a while my neck would get sore from the weight of the light. This came into the mounting positions of most systems to spots on the helmet. Not with this system. I was able to position the mount in the top center of my helmet and with the weight of the light so minimal this problem is resolved.

As for the mounting of the Maxx D. It's so slick. No cheap plastic tabs, it's a slick aluminum mount with a locking pin. Sorry no photos as it was late when I started this. Will get in depth on the weekend.

The outside test. Last years bar lamp. Old and grey

This years bar lamp, The new hotness No hot spots, wide beam, it's amazing.

The singletrack of my driveway was great but I really want to get out and ride with them. Let's just say that I have seen lots of different systems and these are at the top of the list for technology, burn time, ergonomics and just plane awesome.

It's very simple to turn on and off, a complaint of the older units that have been fixed. Switching between brightness is easily done. An important thing for me is that as soon as you turn it on it starts on high. I've seen a lot of systems that you have to ramp up and that is a pain to do when you are tired.

Ok so I have to have one complaint, there always has to be one. The funny thing is it's not even a complaint. The case that the lights are stored in. It would be nice if the foam cutouts had an optional place to mount the piggy back batteries. There is a mesh section that holds some of the straps etc. My remedy is to remove the charger, place it in the tool box and put the 3 cell piggyback battery in it;s place. It works well.

I will hopefully get out on the trails this weekend and take lots of detail pictures. Until then



Anonymous said...

Man, those old Nighthawk lights suck in comaprison to a modern, high power LED. That's pretty clear in your photo. Now you have every reason to be even faster in your night laps (or at least light other peoples way should their lights die).

You'll be amazed at just how good new light technology is, especially having a decent flood light like the Maxxx D. Looks like a nice beam pattern too.

Matt Spak said...

Just was out for a little tour around tow with them. Amazing, LED technology has gone leaps in bounds in the last 2-3 years and Exposure is leading the way.

Played around with the brightness settings. It's so simple to go from high to medium to low. This will be important because I've been at a few races where there was so much dust in the air that it was like driving in a snowstorm with your high beams on.

People with weaker lights had teh advantage that time. One of those HID downfalls No low beam