Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Monday Night Something

I'm doing the light review on a separate post so be patient please.

The rules. The ride or whatever goes rain or shine or snow etc. If it's a bike ride it's trail. Preferably a night thing so bring lights. Awww, the big rule, no gears. You need to be on a single speed but if you really need to use gears cross bikes are allowed.

Well 2 of the 5 of us broke rules last night. Brandon at least had a good excuse and doesn't own either but Jacob. I don't know, we all were looking for the CCM with the carbon crank.

Weather was awesome, almost hot. Of course that will be short lived. Everyone was feeling it a little from the day before. It was ride a little, stop a few minutes ride a little pace. It was my first chance to really try out the 29er singlespeed, well farther than around the house a few times. It's a beast, it's big and long and you need to approach a corner a little different. It's kinda like driving an 18 wheeler fast and aggressive after spending many years driving a Porsche. Only rubbed one tree the wrong way. It is a lot of fun though.

We kept it pretty mellow on time and finished up just over an hour. Of course that was where the bestest recovery drink ever came out. This is part of the reason no light review, my camera skills were crap last night. Things I thought I took a picture of I didn't and other strange things showed up. It wasn't the beer that caused this.

As for lights I did use my headlamp only, more because I didn't tighten the bar light clamp up enough and the taper of the rise bar on the KHS caused the bracket to come loose. Not a problem of design but a user problem. I left it a little lose to try playing with alignment. As for the helmet light. It worked awesome. I'll get full break down of both systems up this week along with lots of pictures. I like pictures, means less typing.

Coffee is ready.


I had a chance to use my headlamp

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