Saturday, April 25, 2009


Head west. That is where the action is. So I did. Headed over to Mansfield to get a few laps in. Of course mother nature and I had a small talk before hand. First was the power outage while making breakfast. Ya, not impressed, then came the thunder and lightning. Oh did I mention the rain??? She hates me. The weather did clear pretty quick and the sun was out by the time I reached Mansfield.

My plans to be riding by a certain time pretty much went out the window. I swear I spent the first hour catching up with everyone. It's been a long winter and it was great to hear what everyone has been doing.

Finally got moving. I love the first climb at Mansfield. I've seen it many times. Straight up the front hill. Good way to warm up slowly I must say. The coarse is great though . All the climbing is in the first half and I think the two main climbs will be forced run ups from the second lap on. After the split climb the fast single track kicks in. Great flow. Some rain tonight will help a few corners. Not the most technical course to date but it's more of a balls out who will stay off their brakes the most type of loop.

It took me till the third lap for my body to start feeling good. Legs felt heavy from Thursdays hammer ride. Just means a longer warm up tomorrow. It always takes me an hour plus to start feeling good. Now I did feel something very strange during the ride, it's something that shocked me. I actually wasn't sure if I was hallucinating or not. It first started with a droplet hitting my lens. A little dumb founded. Is that sweat? Did my body really remember how to do it right??

It was dam near a heat wave today with temperatures hovering around 27-28 degrees. That's close to 85 for my readers down south. Of course this is short lived. We have a new rule in Ontario Cup that no one is allowed to have water splashed on them during a race at any time unless the Commissioner pre approves it. HMMM what if I splash water on myself? I think INFINIT may be a little sticky though. Well there will be no worries of an approval needed. Temperatures are supposed to drop and it's supposed to rain all day. I wonder who the commissioner is? Could it be Mother Nature? She really does hate me. No more sweating for you skinny boy.

As for a few comments from one reader. I'm having my midlife crisis and racing with the so called kids as you call it is a lot cheaper than buying a Porsche. On and interesting note, I'm not having my crazy nervous stomach going right now, maybe it's because I have no expectations for tomorrow.

I'll be down early running feed for some team mates, should be a long fun day. Time for a nice healthy dinner, no beer, no wine, argggg. Race report hopefully tomorrow night.



Anonymous said...

running the 2 climbs after the first lap? You little pansie! already telling your self they are a run. i only know of one climb you would maybe have to run

Matt Spak said...

Well as we catch the slwoer groups ahead of us someone always gets hung up on a climb. The split climb will be the worst one for that. Now why won't you put your real name down??????