Thursday, April 30, 2009

Rubbing is racing.

Back on the bike and headed to one of my favorite local trails. Of course the Molly Monster was with me. I was not really sure what shape the trails would be in since there were some major logging going on in the area.
What do you think?

Spent the first hour doing Heather's plans for me. My legs felt really good today after a full rest day. The second hour was spent trying to be efficient. The big thing I noticed last weekend was my heart rate spiking while in singletrack. This was while coasting. Excitement the cause?

I've been in the trails only 5 times this year, far from enough for me to have that smooth bike feel back again. I forced myself to stay seated through everything. Things just started to click. Of course I had a big smile on my face as I railed turns.

How can you not smile while riding through trails like this.

Rolled back to the car with the Molly Monster in chase. According to someone Molly looks fat.

May I remind this person that we had to help a certain dog who will remain nameless cough cough Starbuck, over low fallen logs and branches during a snowshoe adventure a few months back.

Finished up with a quick dip to cool down.

As for the rubbing is racing comment. About 30 minutes into my ride going through a section that was logged I had a branch from a fallen tree rub my right arm the wrong way. A nice 8 inch slice up my bicep is the newest tattoo.

Back at it tonight.



Peter Keiller said...

you have a bi cept.
not that theres anything wrong with that.

Mysty said...

Hey Spak, what trail is that? I'd like to take a spin in there, looks great... What the heck is Noodles doing here... is he staulking me?